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RE: general question about frame and SGML

Should have added Bill's name to my "I agree with you all, but let's consider
the situation post".

I think Bill hit my objection on the head. He outlines the advantages and
finishes with:

<<- but at the cost of having one or two people specialised to build the
templates and SGML

In my last post, I was under the impression that Robin's shop had two writers.
After rereading the original post it is clear that the company has two
developers. How many writers (or 'Content Developers') are in the company? The
use of 'we' may imply more than one, but as only Robin seems to be looking for
training it also suggests a one person operation.

Don't think the staff can support one person devoted to templates and SGML.
Sounds more like a chuck out a template, get to work, and try to keep everything
consistent so the clean up isn't a nightmare type scenario.

As the company seems to be new and the development process is erratic, how much
structure and experience is there to leverage into structured documentation?

As the original question already states that they are 'under the gun'. I stick
with my "Crank out the docs.", worry about the processes and possible
amelioration for the next release.

Eric L. Dunn

(To my horror, I fell like I'm channeling for Andrew Plato....) ;-)

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