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Where is that elusive paragraph mapper?


Somewhere I saw a ultility that enabled you to update the paragraph formats
in a document using a mapping table. For example, suppose you had pasted in
some text from a foreign Word or FrameMaker document.  You now wanted all
instances with Normal para format converted to Body para format.  You
simply set up a mapping of

     Normal --> Body

in a table or whatever and run this utility.

But damned if I can find it, even after browsing around all the plugins
featured on <http://www.frameusers.com/>.  Anybody know what this elusive
utility is called and where it may be found?

[Windows 2000, FrameMaker 6.0p405, FrameScript 1.27C01, Enhance 2.03,
Acrobat 4.05.2, mif2go 31r25, IXgen 5.5.h]


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Hedley Finger
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