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Re: general question about frame and SGML

I agree with what Lynne and Dan have said. But with a deadline looming, little
budget to spend, and no current knowledge of SGML, DTD's, EDDs etc. I'd say just
get on with writing the docs. Single sourcing, metadata, information
interchange, and all that are great and noble goals for sure. But if you don't
need them. they're just a waste of time for the moment.

Even the advantages of validation and structure enforcement are of limited value
in the situation under discussion. There are only two writers in a small
company. If two writers can't agree on acceptable template standards and use,
you've got to wonder how a larger shop can.

Look at seeing how FM+SGML can be leveraged and what advantages/disadvantages
there are later on down the line.

Eric L. Dunn

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