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Another missing font problem

Thomas Michanek wrote :

> I think you can find the solution to your problem on my web page:
> http://w1.133.telia.com/~u13304072/framers/fonts/unavailable.html
> Unavailable fonts can hide in many places, and the solution depends
> on whether you know if the fonts in question are used and needed.

Thank you, Thomas, for your very useful explanations about FM's missing
fonts. But we are experiencing a slightly different missing font problem :
When distilling a document with graphic elements designed in FM and using
TrueType fonts, these are mostly, but NOT all of them, ignored by Distiller
and replaced with Courier.

Nevertheless, all works fine in printed output (Lexmark M410, PostScript 3).

After producing 1,5 Go as ps files with various settings, we dropped. The
next move will be to scan and reimport FM's own graphs !

Why does Distiller refuse to embed some TT fonts, and not others, even when
they are located in the same folder (directory) ? Are some font locations
better watched than others ?

(MacOS 9.0.4, Laserwiter 8.7 and/or AdobePS 8.7, Distiller 4, FM 5.5.3
and/or FM 6.0, 192 Mo RAM)

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