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PDF Generation


I know, here we go again...

I have searched the list archives and read quite a few scenerios but
none that fit my needs when it comes to creating a PDF from Frame.

I am getting fuzzy images when creating PDFs from FrameMaker.  I'm on
a Unix system and I know I can create a postscript file and distill
manually with the "-colordownsample off" (plus others) option but what
I want to do is create a user preferences file that will handle it
for me so I don't have to manually distill anything.

I've read through all of Adobe's notes and I have created a ~/psres
directory and have an environment variable, PSRESOURCEPATH, pointing to
that directory.  I have an edited version of Example.ps with the

<<      /DownsampleGrayImages false
	/DownsampleColorImages false
	/DownsampleMonoImages false
	/EmbedAllFonts true
	/MaxSubsetPct 99
	/SubsetFonts true
>>      setdistillerparams

I copied the Distill.upr file to the psres directory and changed the
DstlrStartupDir to point to my psres directory.

It seems to read my Distill.upr file, I can edit it and cause errors, but
the options I set don't show up when I run `distill -params`.

Can I have a user preferences file that distill will read in order to
set the options I want?


  Steve Heitke

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