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Re: link character formatting

| A minor but annoying problem: I'm adding cross-references to my document.
| Mostly it's going well, but ...
| I want my link to look like a link (blue & underlined), so I'm assigning a
| character tag of CrossRef to it, and defining CrossRef as "As Is" except
| blue and underlined. If I assign the character tag before making the text a
| link, the tag goes away when the link is created. If, on the other hand, I
| assign the tag after creating the link, the tag goes away when I close and
| reopen the file. What's going on?
| Al Friend

Al -

Don't assign the character tag to the text itself, but rather incorporate
it into the defintion of the Cross-Reference Format.  For example:

XREF format "Heading and Page"


<CrossRef>See \`<$paratext>\' on page\ <$pagenum><Default Para font>

You will be able to select the <CrossRef> and <Default Para font> 
building blocks from the scroll list in the "Edit Cross-Reference Format"
dialog.  These character tag entries appear after the `content' building
blocks (e.g., <$paratext>, <$paranum>, ...) so you don't have to type in
the entries, thankfully.

Note that this is the same across platforms, and has been available in 
FrameMaker since _at least_ version 3.

-- Lester
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