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RE: changing anchored frame properties throughout document

At 08:11 AM 12/21/00 -0600, Ron Nelson wrote:
>You're right, it will open it as a text file, but for some reason each file
>was taking an incredibly long time to open in FM.  However, if I open it in
>TextPad (not Word! B-)it opens right up and the search and replace is very
>Does anyone know why FM takes so long to open my mif files as text?
>Ron Nelson

I haven't noticed FrameMaker taking a long time, so it might be your system.
If I were to guess about why FM is taking a long time, I would say that some
text editors wait until the entire file is read in before displaying any of
and others might display it as it is read in. The second type would appear to 
open right up. 


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