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Re: Archives?


I don't have a clue if this would be of use to anybody, but...

I have a personal archive of about 29,000 messages from the last
couple years, in "mailbox" format, i.e. mail messages as received. 
This includes both framers lists (Brad's and Jeremy's) all mixed

I simply do not have the time to send copies of this to individuals,
but if somebody wanted to make use of this to host a generally
available archive, I would be happy to contribute it.


Lynne Jaynes wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I'm relatively new to this list. I've already checked the FrameUsers
> website: http://www.FrameUsers.com <http://www.FrameUsers.com>
> <http://www.FrameUsers.com <http://www.FrameUsers.com> >  and I
> couldn't find a link for archives or a search function. Does this list have
> such a thing?
> I'm specifically looking for information on rates as a contract technical
> writer. Can anyone help?
> Thank you in advance and happy holidays!
> Lynne Jaynes
> Manager, Technical Communications
> TriTech Software Systems
> (858)799-7341
> Lynne.Jaynes@TriTech.com

Jay Smith

e-mail: Jay@JaySmith.com  mailto:Jay@JaySmith.com
website: http://www.JaySmith.com

Jay Smith & Associates
P.O. Box 650
Snow Camp, NC  27349  USA

Phone: Int+US+336-376-9991
Toll-Free Phone in US & Canada:
Fax: Int+US+336-376-6750

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