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RE: win2000, Framemaker and memory?

Actually, "Windows 2000" is the brand name for a series of products
all based on the same operating system kernel but with different options
enabled or disabled. "Windows 2000 Professional" is the "Windows 2000"
version of "Windows NT 4 Workstation" with minimal server options.
"Windows 2000 Server" and "Windows 2000 Advanced Server" are comparable
to "Windows NT 4 Server" and a souped up version of same.

In terms of any and all flavors of Windows 2000, you should assume that
a 300 mhz processor, 256 megabytes of RAM, and 20 gbytes of disk are a 
minimal threshold of resource necessary to reasonably run Windows 2000
with usual options and typical Adobe applications. (Others might claim
that a 500 mhz processor is more realistic!)

In any case, we are not aware of any problems, including the sluggishness
cited by the original poster, introduced by Windows 2000. This includes
access to large numbers of fonts. (My own collection of over 1200 active
faces at one time includes over 400 TrueType faces and over 200 OpenType

        - Dov

At 12/26/2000 09:48 AM, Deborah Snavely wrote:
>It's too soon to say for certain, but I'm running newly installed Frame
>6.0 on a brand new, Windows 2000 Professional machine, and I haven't yet
>noticed any sluggishness on the part of Frame. 
>Caveat: our IS department specified a machine that was up to the job of
>running several high-end apps at once plus our software and
>browsers...256MB RAM, 27GB hard disk, and Windows 2000 Professional.
>Dunno what the difference is between Win2K and Win2K Pro; I leapfrogged
>straight from NT 4.0 to Win2K Pro.
>Deborah Snavely

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