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Re: Very OT: RE: "AW" and "SV" in the subject line


I'm not looking for a long discussion of this off-topic issue,
or to reach a consensus, but I still wish to make a public comment:

Original question:
> What do  "AW" and "SV" in the subject line mean in this discussion list?

One reply:
> "AW" stands for "Antwort" which is German for "reply" and "SV" stands for
> "Svar" which is Danish (and probably also Swedish and Norwegian).
> I'm using a Danish version of Outlook so you'll see "SV" in the subject
> line along with some ohter things in Danish in the message window.

Eric L. Dunn said:
> Here's a suggestion on how to overcome the AW and SV issue. Have your mail
> client search all incoming mail for "AW:*" or "SV:*" in the subject line and
> change it to "RE:*". Also, why not script "RE(2):*" into "RE:*" as well.
> If it can be handled at the recipient end, why not save the senders the
> hassle of battling what seems to be a default setting in their program.

The fact is that the reply indicator "Re:" is strictly defined in the
Internet protocol standards for at least News messages, and is a de
facto standard for email messages. The whole idea behind such standards
is to keep Internet messages simple and consistent so that software
can rely on them. Software may use other headers, strings and indicators
internally, for instance to allow localized display, but is supposed to
comply to standards when sending messages over the Internet. Microsoft
do unfortunately not appreciate the notion of established standards.
(And yes, the problem was attended to when the standards were made.)

Eric is correct in that this should be solved in the email software.
But, I do not know of any email software that can perform user-defined
"search and replace" on incoming Subject lines, simply because they
aren't supposed to have to change the line. Also, you would have to
handle all possible national variants of "Re:", and at the same time
distinguish them from things like "OT:" (off-topic).

I realize it's difficult or impossible to turn off localized reply
indicators in Outlook, even though it can be done in Outlook Express.
I guess it's like the old joke at the doctor:
  Doctor: Does it hurt when you breath in?
  Patient: Yes!
  Doctor: Then don't.

If you have questions or comments on the technical issues, consider
continuing this discussion in private email instead of on the list.

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
mailto:Thomas.Michanek@telia.com   (Sweden)
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