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Re: Change bar mystery...Frame says auto is off but they keep appearing

At 01:28 PM 12/13/00, Deborah Snavely wrote:

>FrameMaker 5.5.6, Windows 2000 Pro, recently installed from CD (on a new
>The files in the books are not set to use Automatic Change Bars, but
>every time I import formats, I get change bars throughout. Same effect
>when I update a text inset. (The source document properties for
>templates and insets are NOT set to use auto-change bars, I checked.)
>P.s. My upgrade to Frame 6 is imminent and I'd like to know whether any
>suggested solutions applies to both versions or if, perchance, Frame 6
>solves the whole issue in large.

Hi Deborah,

I've encountered similar problems from time to time. Change bars is a 
character setting (check the Character Designer). It can be a property of 
characters, of character tags, and/or of paragraph tags. Check the doc 
you're importing from -- somewhere there may be a tag with change bars on.

Also, I don't recall if importing Document Properties picks up the Auto 
Change Bar setting, but it well might. Again, check the "import from" 

HTH. Let us know what the solution turns out to be.


Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
Revised from Mastering FrameMaker 5

Foundation: Building Sentence Skills

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