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Change bar mystery...Frame says auto is off but they keep appearing

FrameMaker 5.5.6, Windows 2000 Pro, recently installed from CD (on a new

I want to turn off automatic change bars at the FrameMaker level so that
I can then apply them only to individual files and docs as needed. This
is how our documents have been operating since 1999. I recently moved to
a new machine and perhaps some installation setting needs a tweak? 

The files in the books are not set to use Automatic Change Bars, but
every time I import formats, I get change bars throughout. Same effect
when I update a text inset. (The source document properties for
templates and insets are NOT set to use auto-change bars, I checked.) 

I've searched my stash of Framers' wisdom, hunted the Adobe site and
Thomas' site and Microtype resources, even dipped into Frame for
Dummies, but I can't figure out why these auto-nuisance bars keep

I dove into the maker.ini file to see if there was something obvious,
but the only reference is in the Doc Compare settings. 

Thanks in advance,
Deborah Snavely

P.s. My upgrade to Frame 6 is imminent and I'd like to know whether any
suggested solutions applies to both versions or if, perchance, Frame 6
solves the whole issue in large.  

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