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RE: Finding Paragraph Tags with Format Overrides


I have a new utility that finds paragraph overrides, and lists them in a
hypertext document.  It shows whether the override *includes* a page break,
which means you *may not* want to change it.  It works for a document or a book.

It works sort of like a combination of my already available plugins, Paragraph
Whopper and Book Looker.  I have a message in to the FrameUsers admin asking
them how I can post this thing.  Until then, I'm happy to send it to anybody

As usual, CudSpan plugins of this sort are free - you don't even need to feel
guilty about not sending me a 5-dollar bill.  Just remember, the world is in
trouble.  The next time you feel like buying a worthless piece of garbage, JUST
SAY NO.  I especially beseech you to SAY NO during these festive winter months.

Because it's freeware, you can send it to anybody you want.  So I'll be glad to
mail it to a few folks, and I'll ask them to send it around to anybody else who
seems interested.

Cheers              cud

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