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RE: proportionate graphic re-size in FM (was: Imposing documents with FM 6)

Slobodan said:

>2. FM still has a preindustrial interface for graphics handling, 
>which forces you to use a calculator to resize imported documents 
>(unless there is a secret shortcut to proportionally adjust contents 
>to a box, I'll be grateful to the one who knows it).

Following the standards of other word processors (alas), FrameMaker has
long used a key-click combination for proportionate resizing of
graphics. (I first learned this from an MIS trainer at EPRI who taught
the Mac interface in the mid-1980s, and saved my bacon when dealing with
MS Word 3.02 on Mac 6.0.) Hold down the option key (or it might be the
shift key in Frame, I do it by body memory and I'm switching platforms
daily), and drag a corner of whatever you want to resize. Poof!
Proportionate resizing. It's worked in Frame Mac since 1993. (Note: one
key does proportionate, the other crops! More shortcuts.)

The other way is to select the object and use Graphics/Scale...
(command-option-S on the Mac). When dealing with a bunch of identical
objects such as a series of screen shots or imported presentation
slides, I do my testing on one file and then write down the magic number
(40% scaling or whatever). 

Best of luck,
Deborah Snavely
Document Architect, Technical Publications, 
Aurigin Systems, Inc. http://www.aurigin.com/ 

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