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Adobe XML roadshow info

Adobe and Caxton (an Adobe VAR, see http://www.caxton-inc.com ) are having 
a series of seven roadshows in Nov/Dec/Jan entitled "XML: Publishing 
Redefined" promoting XML integration with FM and FM+SGML. Locations, dates, 
and more info available here: http://www.adobe.com/epaper/main.html or 
navigate to: Adobe Site > EPaper > Events > Publishing Redefined

At the Sept. Seybold conference Adobe announced that FM7 would feature XML 
import as well as export (announcement was typically vague on specifics, of 

Datazone ( http://www.datazone.com ) also announced that the next major 
Miramo version (est. release Q1, 2001) would also offer automation tools 
for taking XML via XSLT to produce fully formatted FM docs, using the full 
power of Miramo and FrameMaker to produce automated published docs. (Miramo 
can actually use XML right now; the new version will presumably be a more 
fully integrated process.)

All of the foregoing is also tying in nicely to Adobe's newly coined 
concept of "Network Publishing", which featured quite significantly in 
their Nov 6/2000 Fall Financial Analyst meeting. FrameMaker was definitely 
included as one of the Network Publishing tools.

Full streaming video of the meeting, plus extracts of the presentations can 
be found at http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/invrelations/00q3analyst/main.html

Sheila Carlisle              425/ 820-6708      Fax: 425/ 820-7590
Axial InfoSolutions Inc.  Database Publishing Solution Provider
Kirkland, Washington    Datazone's Miramo + Adobe FrameMaker

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