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Re: text insets for chapter TOCs

Jerilynne, thank you!

I didn't realize that I had to choose "Special > Table of Contents" again
to regenerate. I thought I was regenerating by choosing "Edit -> Update

Now, a follow-up question - If you have a book with , say, 20 chapters, you
wouldn't want to regenerate these 20 TOCs often. You might set them up
once, and then ideally, you'd wait until you're absolutely finished the
book, and then regenerate all 20 at once. But, as we all know, last minute
changes happen more often than we'd like, and you might end up doing this
many times. Is there some way to automate the process?

Gilda Spitz

"Jerilynne Sander" <jsander@simplywritten.com> on 11/22/2000 03:09:11 PM
 To:      Gilda Spitz/Admin/Longview Solutions Inc.           
 Subject: Re: text insets for chapter TOCs                    


Regenerate the TOC for the individual file the same way you did originally.
Since it's a generated file, it won't pick up the files until you

Therefore, you would need to follow your first process (I don't see
wrong with it so far) to get the TOC into the file and formatted correctly.

When you've made changes

Select Special > Table of Contents
Click the Yes button (your tags should still be in the right place)
Click the Set button
Save your updated chapter level TOC
Display the original source file
Either save and reopen it, or highlight the text inset and click the Update
Now button

Looking forward to serving you

Jerilynne Sander, FrameMaker A.C.E.
Simply Written, Inc.
Check our website for information on what you need to do *before* you pick
your single-sourcing tools
Next single-sourcing class is in January 2001

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Subject: Re: text insets for chapter TOCs

> Thanks Jerilynne. I've done both the things you've suggested, with no
> luck.... unless I've misunderstood the instructions.
>  Here's the process I followed (in Frame 6.0). Maybe you can see what I'm
> doing wrong.
>    With the chapter file open, choose Special -> Table of Contents.
>    Click Yes to the message about a standalone TOC file.
>    Select the headings for the TOC.

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