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Re: text insets for chapter TOCs

Thanks Jerilynne. I've done both the things you've suggested, with no
luck.... unless I've misunderstood the instructions.

 Here's the process I followed (in Frame 6.0). Maybe you can see what I'm
doing wrong.

   With the chapter file open, choose Special -> Table of Contents.
   Click Yes to the message about a standalone TOC file.
   Select the headings for the TOC.
   Click Set.
   Import formats from another file, so that the TOC items have the correct
   font and indents.
   To get the dot leaders, insert a Tab press before each page number.
   Save the TOC file (I tried to import without saving, but it doesn't
   Switch to the chapter file.
   Choose File -> Import -> File, and select the new TOC file.
   Click Import.
   In the Import Text Flow by Reference dialog, select Body Page Flow,
   Retain Source's Formatting, and Automatic.
   Click Import. The text inset appears in the chapter file.

So far, so good. But when I make a change in the book, and regenerate the
chapter TOC, it doesn't pick up the change. Again, here's the process I

   Make sure you're still in the chapter file.
   Choose Edit -> Update References.
   Make sure the text inset choices are selected.
   Click Update.

Nothing happens. So I thought that maybe I should be in the TOC file before
regenerating. So I switched to the TOC file and did the same thing. Again
no action.

Now what?

Gilda Spitz


"Jerilynne Sander" <jsander@simplywritten.com> on 11/22/2000 01:57:16 PM
 To:      Gilda Spitz/Admin/Longview Solutions Inc.           
 Subject: Re: text insets for chapter TOCs                    

No Gilda, you're not doing anything wrong. You'll need to update the
individual files first, then update the text inset manual or set it to
automatically update when you save or print the file/book.

Looking forward to serving you

Jerilynne Sander, FrameMaker A.C.E.
Simply Written, Inc.
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your single-sourcing tools
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From: <Gilda_Spitz@markham.longview.ca>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 1:22 PM
Subject: text insets for chapter TOCs

> I'm new to this list, so I hope this isn't a silly question.
> From the techwr-l listsrv, I recently learned how to use a text inset to
> insert a "mini-TOC" on a chapter page. This is something I've wanted to
> for a long time. Only one problem - the mini-TOC doesn't regenerate when
> make changes to the original document.
> I've followed the instructions from the techwrl poster, and from the
> documentation, exactly, but I just can't get it to regenerate. I've
> generated the standalone TOC, I've imported by reference, and so on. The
> only thing I can think of is that the techwr-l advice came from Frame
> 5.5.6, but I'm using Frame 6.0.
> Could there be a bug in 6.0? If not, maybe I AM doing something wrong -
> other ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Gilda Spitz
> Manager, Documentation
> Longview Solutions Inc.
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