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Re: Scripting FrameMaker

Bill Briggs wrote:

  >>>... the MIFfing example works fine, except that
  >>>I always need to specify where FrameMaker 6 is located

  >>Sounds like your script is locked (read-only).

> The MIFfing example isn't locked, unless he locked it inadvertently.

True, but it's a compiled script rather than a standalone app -- so
I think my advice still applies:

  >>Try running it from the Script Editor, then
  >>[save] it after you tell it where to find FM.

If you don't save a script after running it, it won't remember
the locations of each app.

>Since the Finder is generally always running, you can launch FrameMaker 6
>getting the Finder to call it by it's application file id, as follows. ...
>tell application "Finder"
>open application file id "Fm60"
>end tell

Coooool. I never tried that, and I can see where that would make
certain standalone scripts easier to pass around. But would it
apply to situations where you already have FM open, with the book
or document you want to work on in the foreground? (Most of the
Frame-related AppleScripts I've written make that assumption,
since I launch them from Frame's Scripts menu.)


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