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Re: Scripting FrameMaker

At 12:37 PM -0400 27/10/00, Larry Kollar wrote:
>>And to all Mac'ers out there: the MIFfing example works fine, except that
>>I always need to specify where FrameMaker 6 is located. How can I enter
>>the correct path while avoiding conflicts with the example script
>Sounds like your script is locked (read-only).

 The MIFfing example isn't locked, unless he locked it inadvertently.

>Try running it from
>the Script Editor, then saving it after you tell it where to find FM.

Since the Finder is generally always running, you can launch FrameMaker 6
getting the Finder to call it by it's application file id, as follows. This
way it will never ask you where FrameMaker is located. You don't need to
worry about the path to the application.

tell application "Finder"
open application file id "Fm60"
end tell

- web

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