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Re: Pasting text as text in default paragraph style

| Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:48:38 +0200
| Subject: Re: Pasting text as text in default paragraph style
| From: Bernhard Schulze <mail@frame-user.de>
| on 27.10.2000 11:02 Uhr, Catherine_Brys@sgsgroup.com at
| Catherine_Brys@sgsgroup.com wrote:
| > At the moment, if I copy text from a title to body, then FM retains the
| > formatting of the title for the pasted text.
| You can use a simple text editor between - MAC: BBEdit, WIN: Textpad(???
| something that does not use any formatting).
| That means: copy(FM)-paste(text)-copy(text)-paste(FM).
| Not very sophisticated but it works.
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Unless I'm misunderstanding something, there is no need to go out to
another application, as Frame can do this, just not automatically.

After you paste the text, reselect it and apply the Default Para Font.

When you copy text withign FrameMaker, it copies the formatting that
is associated with it as well. 

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