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Feathering and anchored_frame->RunIntoParagraph

Frame workers:

An annoying bug in FM6 (556) resets the feathering on body pages that contain
either an anchored frame set to, RunIntoParagraph, or an object with
RunAroundProperties=On (see, Frame6 User Guide, p. 292).

As it is, the only workaround I can see is to alt+down_arrow selected text
lines to the bottom of the text frame on the body page -- not exactly an
efficient  solution. Two requests for comments::

Can anyone suggests another workaround?

Format overrides. The alt+down_arrow procedure creates format overrides (e.g.,
concerning space above/below, and/or leading as defined in the paragraph
format) which seem to be invisible to Frame (including the mif-file). Right now
I keep track of  lines x-z / moved in paragraph y / on page x. Rather
laborious. Is it possible to identify, and find,  moved lines  as per format
overrides (or by any other method)?

It just occurred to me that I can of course define a paragraph format that
identifies the override by name only, without changing any of the properties;
E.g., apply tag BodyMoved to alt+down_arrowed [nice verb] Body paragraphs;
format properties of  Body and BodyMoved would be identical.  Still, seems to
be kinda messy.

Now there's an RFE.

Thoughts greatly appreciated.


Michael Heine        mheine@internorth.com

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