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Re: managing hundreds of cross-refs

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From: "John Cornellier" <tw@cornellier.com>
> Hi, I have about 5000 pages of doc which is riddled with hundreds
> of cross-refs. When I encounter a marker I have no way of knowing
> whether anything points to it.
> What I do now is grep in UNIX on the text string that is contained
> in the marker, which has obvious drawbacks.
> In FM6 can you search for a marker across docs in a book? 

Searching for a marker across a book is possible in FM 6, but it
won't help you in this case.
You want to know if there are any existing cross-refs actually
using (pointing to) a certain cross-ref marker, right?
Existing cross-refs are not made up of markers, so you would
have to search for the text string of the cross-ref. This may
or may not give you the results you want, depending on how
unique the text string is and what type of building blocks are
used in the cross-refs pointing to the marker.

It's possible to find out what you want by saving files to MIF
and searching for the actual marker text string. If you know MIF
you can search in a way that only gives you the correct matches.
I have thought of writing a script for this "reverse lookup"
of cross-refs, but I haven't done it yet. You cannot achieve the
correct results in general by using the search function in FM.

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