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FrameUsers Conference - and The Matrix


For all of you on the cusp deciding whether or not to attend next week's
FrameUsers conference in San Diego, I'm pleased to announce a fact that may
swing you towards being there.

On Wednesday, November 1 (the first day of the conference), Finite Matters
Ltd., with support from Liberty Films, will be sponsoring a showing of the
Warner Brothers' movie The Matrix (starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence
Fishburne - http://www.whatisthematrix.com). The film will be shown free of
charge to the first 153 FrameUsers conference attendees at the Gas Lamp
theatre in San Diego's Gas Lamp district (701 Fifth Avenue). Additional
details on will be available at the conference.

In addition, we will be in the FrameUsers exposition - stop by and see
FrameScript, PatternStream, and FrameTools in action and learn about the
FrameMaker plug-in product announcement.


Ben Slone

Finite Matters Ltd.
FrameScript and FrameTools are registered trademarks of Finite Matters Ltd.
PatternStream is a registered trademark of Finite Matters LLC.
PatternStream is Patent Pending.

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