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managing doc format and text changes in multiple languages

Hello all -

I do not remember if I already posted this question or if I dreamed it over
the weekend in my stressed out sleeplessness!
If this question is too involved to answer, please do not waste your time on
it.  I will eventually get through it by cut and paste, at least for

I must do the following

1. Move the whole document into a new format  (multiple languages, but each
is a separate document with it's own source files and FM Book)
2. Make changes to the previous text about 10-20% of the content
3. Add new graphics ( .pcx screen shots)
4. The old docs were done in FM5x on a mac and have many overrides and
conditional text, I am using FM6 on a pc (I think this is the least of my

I am a new, but not absolute beginner to FM. I think this should be my plan.
First open the old documents save them to FM6 being sure that I have all of
the correct new fonts so that I do not have to substitute.  I am presently
cutting and pasting the old text into the new format, via textpad to remove
all old formatting.  I am visually noting where the index and other markers
are and, as I am working with Spanish, which I read well, I am able to cut
and paste up to, then following each marker, so that they remain in the
right place and will call up the correct words to the index and toc.

The text that is hypertext does NOT remain in hypertext and I have not yet
figured out how to make it back into hypertext, even when I paste the text
from notepad over the hypertext text.

Is this the fastest and most accurate way to do this?

Is there some way for me to import the file(s) then do the text changes I
need to make?

Thank you for your time and help,

Erica Chapin

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