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RE: Generated file prefixes gone in 6.0?

Regarding genreted file prefixes in 6.0...

Yes, they're very different in Frame 6. Very, very different. I've used a
Frame plug-in to automate the process of creating a Master Index for our
documentation. It was straight-forward in Frame 5.5x. In Frame 6, it
required some re-thinking.

In Frame 6, you now need to use the "Volume Number" building block to
specify a prefix for a document. At first, this seems reasonable. You set up
your master book, specify the prefix using the Volume Number, and generate
away. However, you'll get gobs of consistency messages explaining that the
numbering in your book doesn't match the numbering in the documents. You can
choose to ignore them, but the numbering in each of your book files is being
updated! The actual document numbering settings are being changed! This
means that when you perform a generate/update operation on your individual
books, you'll receive consistency messages again. It can all be very
confusing. You have no idea of the state of the numbering in your documents,
and every time you update, you'll get consistency complaints.

So, to simply things, I've revised the "Build Master Book" routine in Index
Tools Professional to build a "Master" book that will play nicely with the
other books in the documentation set. It's all documented in the
soon-to-be-released Index Tools Professional Frame plug-in, which will be
available for Frame 5.5x and Frame 6. Watch this list for the release


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