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MacOS9 strikes again

All Mac users of FrameMaker appreciate the very quick Command-Space shortcut
allowing you to apply a ParaTag by typing its first letters in a small black box
in the bottom bar.

Well, MacOS now uses this precious shortcut to shift from one keyboard encoding
to another (i.e. to Belarus, Korean, Slovak, Chinese, and sometimes but seldom
to one's own). In fact, that utility devoted to a minority of users disturbs a
whole range of dedicated functions. For example, Adobe's popular applications
use that shortcut to select the zoom tool. You type a word in English, you zoom
in to see what you wrote, and you go on in Chinese. The true melting pot...

The real problem is that there seems to be no way to switch off that OS 9
keyboard carnival and restore our traditional shortcuts. Am I wrong?

Slobodan Despot


E D I T I O N S  L'A G E  D'H O M M E
Rue de Geneve 10   CH-1000 Lausanne 9

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