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Re: MacOS9 strikes again

At 11:03 PM +0200 19/10/00, Despot wrote:
>All Mac users of FrameMaker appreciate the very quick Command-Space shortcut
>allowing you to apply a ParaTag by typing its first letters in a small
>black box
>in the bottom bar.

Great shortcut.

>Well, MacOS now uses this precious shortcut to shift from one keyboard
>to another (i.e. to Belarus, Korean, Slovak, Chinese, and sometimes but seldom
>to one's own). In fact, that utility devoted to a minority of users disturbs a
>whole range of dedicated functions. For example, Adobe's popular applications
>use that shortcut to select the zoom tool. You type a word in English, you
>in to see what you wrote, and you go on in Chinese. The true melting pot...
>The real problem is that there seems to be no way to switch off that OS 9
>keyboard carnival and restore our traditional shortcuts. Am I wrong?

It doesn't seem that there is a way to turn it off, but I'm not getting any
interference from that Control Panel and I'm running OS 9. All three
versions of FrameMaker I've got loaded work okay with Cmd-Space. I'm not
sure what the difference is, but it's remotely possible that OSA Menu,
which I have installed, is "protecting" me from this Control Panel. OSA
Menu intercepts all keyboard shortcuts first to see if they belong to it,
so maybe it's stopping this action from happening by seizing the shortcut.
Otherwise I'm not sure why it is working that way for you. It's worth a try
to install OSA Menu (which you might want if you like to run AppleScripts).
You can get it at http://www.lazerware.com and it's freeware, courtesy of
Leonard Rosenthol.

Just to put you on the alert, there is another Control Panel, SCSI Probe,
that uses the same Cmd-Space shortcut, however that is one you can disable
in the Control Panel.

- web

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