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Generated file prefixes gone in 6.0?

Our department generates a global index of all books in our doc set, 
using a "Master" book that contains all chapters in all books. In < 6 
versions of FM, using File Setup in the book, you could easily plug 
in a prefix to the page number that would identify the book and 
page number in all generated files but have no effect in each 
chapter file. (For example, the page numbers in the Install Guide 
read 1, 2, 3, and so on, but index entries specifying those pages 
would read IG-1, IG-2, etc.)

That seems to be gone in FM 6, replaced with a method that requires 
you to specify a common text "Volume Number" to all related chapters and 
then modify each chapter's page numbering variable to include it. Which
that the identifier shows up on all text pages as well as entries in the

Which, I think, means that you now must set up this variable, generate 
all your generated files and then change the variable in each chapter back 
to exclude the "Volume Number." Which is definitely a step backwards as 
far as FM ease of use goes. Maybe two or three giant steps....

Has anyone found a better workaround? 

Art Campbell 
Mgr., Technical Publications 
Edge Data Networks Div.
Andover, MA 
978 691-6344 

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