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Re: Adobe Professional Publishing Seminar!

It is unfortunate that Adobe insists on the division between 'Professional'
and 'Technical' Publishing areas. In my opinion, this paradigm is not
entirely realistic, and it misses the opportunity to increase awareness of
FrameMaker and the other Adobe products. For a long time, I was in the
'Professional' camp, mainly a user of Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator,
Photoshop, etc. The only thing I knew about FrameMaker was that Adobe used
it for its manuals. I got a chance to try FrameMaker when I worked at a
service bureau. When I saw its integrated Table editor and its ability to
import multiple items into anchored frames, I knew that it could help solve
some layout problems I was having with Quark, even on short documents. The
more I used the program, the more I liked it. Of course, now it is the
flagship of my business.

FrameMaker does not need equal time at these Professional Publishing
Seminars, but give it a brief, well-thought presentation on its strongest
features. You are certain to raise some eyebrows. Remember that members of
your audience may find themselves needing 'Technical Publishing' solutions
in the future. You want to plant the seed that Adobe has this area covered
with FrameMaker. No one in the broad publishing community should have to
say, What is FrameMaker?

In addition, if you mention FrameMaker in the promotional materials for the
seminars, you will undoubtedly attract some FrameMaker users. They will be
exposed to all of the other goodies that Adobe has that they may not be
familiar with. This is another opportunity for new sales.

One of my first clients was an ad agency that was doing a couple of
Quicken's PC Banking manuals for Intuit. They called me and asked if I could
convert FrameMaker documents to Quark XPress. They thought that FrameMaker
was some kind of strange word processing format. When I opened one of the
documents and showed them how it used autonumbering, running
headers/footers, variables, tables, generated lists, etc., the use of this
"strange" program made perfect sense. I further showed them the colophon in
one of Adobe's manuals that showed that it was done in FrameMaker.

One of my first thoughts when Adobe announced their acquisition of Frame was
that FrameMaker would finally get the exposure that it deserves. Sadly, this
has not been the case. Too many people still ask, What is FrameMaker?

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
716 659-8267

> At 12:18 PM -0700 10/17/00, Reuben Patterson wrote:
> >The reason behind the title of the series, I can't say.
> Adobe defines 'Professional Publishing' as primarily magazines and other
high-design commercial publications. FrameMaker falls into the 'Technical
Publishing' area.

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