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RE: Adobe Professional Publishing Seminar!

Wrong audience, I fear. This seminar is for the type and image tweakers
rather than the texty, diagramy, multichaptery heavy lifting that is the
concern of the FrameMaker audience. Maybe there needs to be a better
name for this seminar; but that is what the many publishers are up to.
Hmmm... Perhaps "Publishing with the QuarkKiller." No, that's too much
advertising for the competition.

Maybe competition is the key here. Who is Adobe's competition:

Adobe vs. Quark?
Adobe vs. Macromedia? 

Again. Two different audiences (but not the same two I cite above). So
Adobe is serving at least three markets. And of course each market likes
to think of itself as the Total Publishing World.

But with three major markets, maybe that's why the stock price is
riding so high. 

Craig Ede
Los Jugadores Bazutadores

>>> Ron Nelson <rnelson@wavetech.com> 10/17/00 12:20PM >>>
To whom it may concern,

I see that this is a "Total Publishing Seminar" yet there is no mention
one of the most powerful publishing tools in Adobe's suite -
Could you please tell me if there will be any mention of FrameMaker,
FrameMaker+SGML, it's bundling with WebWorks Publisher, for HTML
it's wonderful PDF capabilities, etc.  Will there be any mention of
future of XML as a publishing medium and the role that Adobe Products,
particularly FrameMaker+SGML will be able to play?

These are key questions for many in the publishing industry.  To
this as a "Total Publishing Seminar" with no mention of these aspects
simply ridiculous.

Yours truly,

Ron Nelson
Desktop Publishing Lead
Wave Technologies
rnelson@wavetech.com <mailto:rnelson@wavetech.com> 

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Sign up today for a FREE seminar showcasing Adobe's latest
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See how the new features of Adobe(R) InDesign(TM) 1.5,
Adobe Illustrator(R) 9.0 and Adobe Photoshop(R) 6.0 will greatly
enhance your creative options, and how Adobe PDF will streamline your
publishing workflow. 

Register on-line at: http://www.adobe.com/totalpublishing 

You Will Learn How To: 
- Make the switch from QuarkXPress(R) to InDesign. 
- Use integrated Adobe design tools to increase creativity and
- Work with transparent effects and new "live" object layer 
  effects in Illustrator 9.0. 
- Use next-generation image-editing capabilities in Photoshop 6.0, 
  including integrated vector-drawing capabilities. 
- Master text composition, create automatic clipping paths, 
  manipulate nested graphics and other real-world design
- Reliably create and output high-end Adobe PDF files with 
  InDesign and Acrobat(R) InProduction(TM). 
- Add more power to your total design workflow with plug-ins 
  from key industry developers. 

Dates and Locations: 
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

10/17 - Sacramento 
10/19 - San Diego 
10/24 - New Jersey  
10/24 - Salt Lake City 
10/25 - Portland 
10/25 - Charlotte 
10/26 - Seattle  
10/26 - Raleigh 
10/31 - Pittsburgh 

11/1 - Denver  
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11/7 - Boston  
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11/8 - St. Louis  
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