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Workaround: How not to underline raised characters

Thanks to the answerers, special thanks to a special 
answerer (Nullius in Verba) with the solution to the 

>When underlining raised characters (raised: as done for
>instance with exponential numbers) how do i avoid the
>underlining of being raised as well?

> > The only way to do this is by inserting an equation in an
> > anchored frame.
> > 
> > For example, if you want to raise X to the nth power, in
> > the sentense
> > 
> >      "To raise X to the nth power do the following: ^^."
> > 
> > Where ^^ indicates where you insert the equation anchored
> > frame.
> > 
> > Note that, when you open the equation palette, you can
> > choose small, medium, or large characters to match as
> > closely as possible, the font size being used in the rest
> > of the sentence. When the equation anchored frame is
> > produced, Replace the initial question mark with "X", then
> > insert the superscript operator, and replace the question
> > mark in that operator with the value you want. Finally,
> > type ESC mp. This shrink-wraps the anchored frame to the
> > size of the equation, and the Anchoring Position is set to
> > At Insertion Point.

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