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RE: Converting markers...

Art Campbell asked:
>Does anyone have ideas on how to convert List/TOC hypertext markers to 
>cross-references or something similar that has the ability to transport
>a FM user to the selected item? 

No conversion needed. It's a keystroke toggle that causes a FrameMaker
document to behave like a FrameViewer document (and vice versa if you have
both installed and open a locked FV doc). 

On Windows, hold down Control-Alt and put the cursor over the x-ref in the
file and it changes to the usual hyperlink cursor (the finger). 

On Mac, hold down Command-Option and do the same thing. (I might be
remembering which two keys incorrectly, but it's two adjoining keys on the
bottom left keyboard. Might be Control-Option.)

I live and die by this feature when I'm editing indexes, editing TOCs for
parallel headings, navigating among assorted files to edit related changes
in a doc, etc.

Deborah Snavely
Document Architect
Aurigin Systems, Inc.

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