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RE: Converting markers...


Art, if it isn't doing it now, check "Set Up File" properties for your TOC
and Index and make sure that the "Generate Hypertext Links" check box is
checked. Then regenerate the files.

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From: Deborah Snavely 
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 12:19 PM
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Subject: RE: Converting markers...

Art Campbell asked:
>Does anyone have ideas on how to convert List/TOC hypertext markers to 
>cross-references or something similar that has the ability to transport
>a FM user to the selected item? 

No conversion needed. It's a keystroke toggle that causes a FrameMaker
document to behave like a FrameViewer document (and vice versa if you have
both installed and open a locked FV doc). 

On Windows, hold down Control-Alt and put the cursor over the x-ref in the
file and it changes to the usual hyperlink cursor (the finger). 

On Mac, hold down Command-Option and do the same thing. (I might be
remembering which two keys incorrectly, but it's two adjoining keys on the
bottom left keyboard. Might be Control-Option.)

I live and die by this feature when I'm editing indexes, editing TOCs for
parallel headings, navigating among assorted files to edit related changes
in a doc, etc.

Deborah Snavely
Document Architect
Aurigin Systems, Inc.

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