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Scriptorium Publishing announces the fall/winter schedule for our 
intensive, hands-on
classes. For course outlines and registration details, please see
http://www.scriptorium.com/training.html. Questions? Call Cindy at 
919-481-2701 x14 or email training@scriptorium.com

(Prices listed are early registration, STC discount, and regular 
registration; in that order)

Accelerated Introduction to FrameMaker
December 11-13
$725, $750, $850
This intensive class shows you all of FrameMaker's major features. Topics
include the basics, plus conditional text, books, indexes, reference pages,
tables, cross-references, and much more.

Advanced FrameMaker
November 14-15
$575, $600, $675
This class will cover template design, modular text, hypertext, and other
advanced topics. If you are an intermediate FrameMaker user who knows all
the basics, this class is for you. We have unearthed some information that
will be news to even seasoned users. We will provide detailed information
about cross-platform file transfer issues, discuss conversion of source
documents into FrameMaker, and focus on advanced Frame functions, such as
hypertext and designing master pages. Although many of the topics will be
familiar to the general FrameMaker user, this class emphasizes design
considerations rather than template use.

FrameMaker Proficiency in a Week
October 16-20
$1175, $1250, $1375
Not for the timid, this five day blitz covers information from both our
introduction and advanced FrameMaker classes. If you can take only one
class in a year, this is the course for you. For details, see "Accelerated
Introduction to FrameMaker" and "Advanced FrameMaker."

WebWorks Publisher 6
November 16-17
$850, $900, $995
WebWorks Publisher extends FrameMaker's power to new media by giving you
the ability to export content from FrameMaker files to HTML, WinHelp, and
other online formats. Our comprehensive class explains the WebWorks
Publisher interface, discusses conversion strategies, and provides detailed
coverage of the HTML and WebWorks Help conversion templates.

Advanced WebWorks Publisher
November 30-31 (at frameusers; register at www.frameusers.com)
$1100 at frameusers.com
Our advanced class discusses conversion strategies, and provides extensive
coverage of the macro and regular expression tools.

Single Sourcing Overview
December 1
$250, $275, $295
Single sourcing--the latest buzzword in technical writing--describes the
process of creating multiple deliverables (print, PDF, HTML, WinHelp, and
more) from one set of files. This seminar will help you decide whether
single sourcing makes sense for your documentation deliverables. If you're
looking for a straightforward assessment of both the costs and benefits of
single sourcing, sign up for this seminar. (This is NOT a hands-on class.)

Sarah O'Keefe            Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.
okeefe@scriptorium.com   919-481-2701 x13
Technical Writing 101 now shipping!

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