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RE: Frame won't install

Ta Sharon. I didn't check which default printer was installed, just that one
was attached. Will check it out on Monday (it's Friday arvo here, and I have
a couple of other problems to sort out before I retire from the fray :-)

> John Pitt, Technical Writer
> Wilcom Pty Ltd
> (02) 9578 5176
> mailto:jpitt@wilcom.com.au
> or
> mailto:johnpitt@zeta.org.au
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> From:	Sharon Burton-Hardin [SMTP:sharonburton@email.msn.com]
> Sent:	Friday, February 12, 1999 3:41 PM
> To:	John Pitt; framers@FrameUsers.com; Framers@omsys.com
> Cc:	Steve Corbett
> Subject:	Re: Frame won't install
> I have seen this problem with, as I recall, a Fiery Color postscript
> printer
> driver as the default printer. Try setting another printer as the default
> in
> Windows and then open Frame. You may have to go through several. I don't
> know why this occurs but I am sure that Dov Issacs can explain it lucidly!
> sharon

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