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Frame won't install

We've been trying to install 5.5.6 on an elderly Pentium, but get the
following message when we try to start Frame:

                                   Fatal Error [c0000005] occured
                                   Please record this error number and 
                                   actions leading up to this error and send

                                   to comments@frame.com Blah Blah Blah

Events leading up to this problem 

1/ When first installed it comes up with this error after re-boot and
starting application

2/ Tried re-installing to different location (still same problem).

3/ Thought maybe a Windows problem so wiped hdd and re-installed Win95

4/ After Windows95 installed, re-installed Frame maker, still the same

5/ Added more memory (to 32 Mb), same result

6/ Ensured that a printer was set as default, same result

This one is new to me -- any suggestions?

> John Pitt, Technical Writer
> Wilcom Pty Ltd
> (02) 9578 5176
> mailto:jpitt@wilcom.com.au
> or
> mailto:johnpitt@zeta.org.au

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