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Re: Converting Embedded Graphics to Reference


If you do not have Illustrator (as proposed below), you can use Acrobat
Exchange and export using the PDF to PS/EPS plug in.

I posted a rather verbose description of that process recently, so I won't
suck up bandwith by doing it again.  However, if anybody needs that info, I
can post it again or email it individually.

Jay Smith

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Keith Smyth wrote:
> > From: Randall LARSON-MAYNARD <Randall.Larson-Maynard@ind.alstom.com>
> > Date: 09 Feb 1999 18:38:13 +0100
> >
> > Re: Converting Embedded Graphics to Reference
> >
> > Try selecting the graphic>copy to clipboard>open photoshop, or something similar, and paste into a new doc>save as .bmp, tif, ?.
> >
> > Randall Larson-Maynard
> > Technical Writer
> > Alstom Automation Schilling Robotics
> > Davis, CA, USA
> > randall.larson-maynard@ind.alstom.com
> > www.schilling.com
> >
> Sorry Randal, but if you copy a Frame designed drawing
> to the clipboard, if you paste it into PhotoShop, you get
> a bitmap representation of your vector drawing. Goes
> bonkers.
> Print the page containing the graphic to a postscript file
> using Distiller Assistant v3.01 as the printer.
> You can import the page into PhotoShop or Illustrator.
> Then in PhotoShop you dan do a snapshot, and paste that
> to a new image. You must have the dimensions of the new
> image from the image in Frame.
> You can import the page in Illustrator, ungroup it, and
> copy the graphic to a new page, export it as eps with tif
> preview, or a tif or bmp or whatever. You retain your
> high dpi image.
> I don't know about ghostview, because if you don't have a
> boat load of type1 fonts, it doesn't like your postscript files.
> Keith Smyth
> Smyth Consulting
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