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Re: A job for conditional text?


If you're only customizing a few pages per book, then I'd agree that it's
suitable for conditional text. Note that you'll need to make a check-list
before printing ANY version of a book or file that contains conditional text
to remind whoever prints it to set the conditions as desired (show or hide
custom text) and (in the book file) apply those conditions across the entire
book before printing. 

	Note: I recommend limiting conditional text, as a rule, to only
whole paragraphs or larger blocks. It's a real pain getting extra or missing
spaces when you show or hide conditions. But then, you said you were only
going to do a couple of extra paragraphs and screens.

You may find it easier just to create the custom material in separate files
and build a custom BOOK for that customer; it leaves the custom material out
of your standard documents. 
You will need to think carefully about your directory structure; perhaps a
sub-directory in the main book directory with only the custom files. Create
a different TOC file and any other generated files for each book. Put the
custom material in files at the end of compound-numbered chapters, and you
won't even have to update the standard book if you need to print it when
you've been working with the custom book. 

Just some quick thoughts and a brain dump, your mileage may vary.

Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
Consulting at Visa
standard disclaimers apply 

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