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Re: A Job for Conditional Text?

This is exactly the kind of thing conditional text is for. You can set up
individual of conditional text tags for each of your clients-- this
eliminates the worries of version control problems across multiple docs and
greatly speeds revision time over the long run. Frame can easily handle
large chunks of conditional text, so the blocks of two or three pages will
not be a problem.

One tip for working in many different condition tags (different
client-pieces) is to have another page open next to the doc you're working
on w/ "paint pot" bits of each condition to be "picked" up (double click)
and plonked into the working doc via copy/paste. After you've pasted a bit
that has the condition you want into the doc, a simple double click on that
bit allows you to begin writing in that condition. Saves you popping
through the condition windows whenever you want to change conditions.


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