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Importing 11x17 illustrations into Framemaker and converting to PDF

Using Frame 5.5.2 & Windows 95:

Goal: to import an 11x17 Adobe Illustrator (7.0) eps file (or any format for
that matter) into Frame 5.5.2 (Frame document setup as 11x17) and convert to
an 11x17 pdf file.

So far I have been unsuccessful in the conversion from the Frame to pdf
format. It crops the document and the resulting page size is 11x8-1/2).

My only other option at this point is to save the Adobe Illustrator file as
a pdf file directly and insert this page into my final pdf file. If I do
this, I have to put dummy figure captions and footers in the illustration
and then put an 8-1/2x11 page in my Frame document with Frame figure
captions and footers (so the figure captions and page numbers are included
in the List of Figures).

Does anybody have any suggestions. If so, please be very specific and
respond in a language that less experienced Frame users can understand.
Hopefully someday I'll be able to speak your language.

Diana Ross
Documentation Specialist
ext. 8615, fax 8939, MS 551

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