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RE: Importing 11x17 illustrations into Framemaker and converting to P DF

Diana: I can relate to this one!
You must make sure that the PostScript driver you are using is attached to a
PPD that supports the larger page size.
Use the Acrobat PPD, this is what I do and it works like charm.

Install another "Printer instance" of your Adobe PS driver.
Use the Acrobat Distiller 3.0 ppd.
When you print your manual to PostScript, use your regular driver.
Print that one page to PostScript using the Acrobat Distiller-ed driver.
Distill the PS files to PDF, then, in Exchange, delete the cropped page and
insert the correctly sized one.
You may need to re-do some links in Exchange, but the work will be minimal
for one drawing.

Good luck and do contact me if you want further info.

Dina Davidson
Technical Publications Coordinator/Technical Communicator
Xantrex Technology Inc.

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