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Using HTML for messages to this list

Sorry to gripe...

To those few people who use HTML-encoding of their email messages to this

Please understand that those of us using high resolution monitors may not be
able to (easily) read your message.  The browser (NS404 on Unixware 212) that
I am using (and maybe others too) is run over the local network and is viewed
in an xwindows environment on a PC.  The browser is thus unaware of the PC
monitor's HIGH resolution.  Thus those HTML messages with 'normal' size type
are virtually microscopic on this monitor.

I may be in a very small minority (I usually am) however, my vote is for
"plain text" messages.

(Browser awareness of resolution sure is high on my wish list.)


Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

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The Press for [Your Industry](tm), The Press for....(tm)
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