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Re: FW: Table Processing

Harvey & Dina,

You did not indicate what platform you are on.  

Also, the nature of the question suggests that this is a repetitive report,
generated from data supplied externally.  If this is true, this is an
important aspect because it means that it is theoretically possible to build
"blank cell markers" into the repetitive data-source stream (it could be
easier to search for the "marker" "XYZ" than to search for a cell without

On Win95/98 FM 55x, I would think that FrameScript can do this automation.

Working out the logic itself would be a little tricky and time consuming,
however, I can't think of a reason why FrameScript could not do it.

I am copying this message to one of the FrameScript folks.  You can contact
them for more information on the product.
  ( "Frank Elmore" <elmsoft@mindspring.com> )

Their web site is at:

Harvey, if you need a fast start on this, I (Jay) MIGHT (not sure what our
schedule looks like) be able to develop the core script for you using one of
your sample files.  At least you would have it done sooner without having to
confront the FrameScript learning curve in a pressure situation.

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

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Dina Davidson wrote:
> I am forwarding this for Harvey Greenberg
> (harvey_greenberg@mcgraw-hill.com).
> He is having trouble posting to the list.
> ______________________________________________________________
> A colleague of mine has a requirement to compose many large tables of the
> following form:
> Forecast Table
> National Income Accounts
> GDP data data data
> Personal income data data data
> Consumer spending data data data
> Financial Markets
> 3-mo Treaury data data data
> 30-year bond data data data
> International Trade
> Exports data data data
> Imports data data data
> Etc.
> Question: does anyone know of any automation that scan the rows and
> automatically straddle those which, by the absence of data, are meant to be
> category labels?

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