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Hints about MacOS 8.5, so far


Thus far my research and failures and techie suggestions:
1. (20-20 hindsight) treat MacOS 8.5 as a major upgrade!
	do a comprehensive backup
	-make sure drivers on all media are at current releases
	-wait until you have time to re-install and troubleshoot
	-have all applications and fonts source media on hand
	-get mission-critical applications to current releases (but keep
those older versions handy, as we've all learned!)
2. Apple's 8.5.1 update page says stuff I don't grok about the Drive Setup
utility but that implies the 8.5 release (Drive Setup 1.6.1) was imperfect.
This mirrors our hideous experience with two older external hard-disk drives
that wouldn't mount, won't stay stably re-initialized, have required
repeated pro repairs...
3. Assume that you must re-install everything to do with printing: fonts,
printer drivers, PPDs.

I'll let you know how much of this works. Every time I think I have
something fixed, it breaks again.

Deborah Snavely
Harried Self-Supporting Techie
all disclaimers apply

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