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text running under (not an anchor problem)

Hi again,

I've figured out that it's not a problem with the anchored frame. 

There's a problem where the 4th column body text runs under text
tagged to run across all four columns rather than push the next tag
down.  Is that making sense? 

xxx xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx

FM ignores column breaks.  It ends column one on column two, starts
column two in column three, and runs the end of two and all of three
and four straight down four under the NEXT HEAD part.  It should
simply push the NEXT HEAD part down. 

Adobe's tech support answer was to lay-out the 350 page book with
returns instead of column breaks.  

Any ideas?  Sure I can go back to using 5 -- the $675 for 5.5.6 didn't
come out of my pocket -- but I could lay it out on a MacClassic with
McWord too (not that there's that much of a difference between 5 and

If anyone wants to take a shot at it, I've got an 808 K MIF I can

I'm in digest mode, so please cc me direct. 


FM 5.5.6 on Unix

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