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Re: Pagination question (skipping some pages)


I think the solution we used for secondary page numbering (two sets of page
numbers; one restarting with each section and with prefixes) would work for

If I recall correctly....
You could use a one-line-high text frame containing a pagenumber-tagged
paragraph on the left/right master pages.  Define this tag with autonumber
attributes as appropriate.  These frames must contain unique flow -- not the
main body flow.  And, I believe that they must be set to autoconnect.  Then,
my recollection is that you simply get in the first one while on a BODY page
and hold down the return key until there is one return in every such frame in
the document.

(Before we got smart and turned on the autoconnect, we were doing manual
connects which are a pain in the ....)

If this does not work for you, tell me what does not work and I will check one
of our documents to see what we did differently.

Jay Smith

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Dan Emory wrote:
> ***************************************************************
> 1. Create all of the Unit Title Pages in a single FM file that's not
> included in the book file.
> 2. Print each such Unit Title Page to a separately named postscript file,
> and distill it.
> 3. Generate the PDF for the book.
> 4. In Acrobat Exchange, use Document > Insert Pages to insert each Unit
> Title Page PDF file at the appropriate position.
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> At 01:39 PM 1/26/99 -0600, Jane Bergen wrote:
> >Hello...we're stumped on this problem so I'm throwing it out to the FM gurus
> >on this list.
> >
> >We have a book with many chapters. We want to divide the chapters into
> >units. OK, so far, so good. The book is fine, the chapters are in order. We
> >are using straight page numbers (i.e., page 234), not the unit#-page# (i.e.,
> >2-27). The problem is that we want to insert unit title pages between some
> >of the chapters but we don't want to use page numbers on these unit title
> >pages. Instead we WANT something like this:
> >
> >Unit 4 - Chapter 6  pp 203-250
> >Unit Title Pages (2 pages, no numbers)
> >Unit 5 - Chapter 1 pp. 251-275
> >
> >We GET something like this
> >
> >Unit 4 - Chapter 6  pp 203-250
> >Unit Title Pages (2 pages, no numbers)
> >Unit 5 - Chapter 1 pp. 253-275
> >
> >Sure, we can set Unit 5 - Chapter 1 to begin on a certain page, but we're
> >just trying to figure out if we can get Frame to ignore the Unit Title Pages
> >as pages. Our other option is to simply insert the pages by hand at the
> >printer, which isn't too cool when we send the printer a PDF!!
> >
> >Is this possible?

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