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Re: Pagination question

At 01:39 PM 1/26/99 -0600, Jane Bergen wrote:
>Hello...we're stumped on this problem so I'm throwing it out to the FM gurus
>on this list.
>We have a book with many chapters. We want to divide the chapters into
>units. OK, so far, so good. The book is fine, the chapters are in order. We
>are using straight page numbers (i.e., page 234), not the unit#-page# (i.e.,
>2-27). The problem is that we want to insert unit title pages between some
>of the chapters but we don't want to use page numbers on these unit title
>pages. Instead we WANT something like this:
>Unit 4 - Chapter 6  pp 203-250
>Unit Title Pages (2 pages, no numbers)
>Unit 5 - Chapter 1 pp. 251-275
>We GET something like this
>Unit 4 - Chapter 6  pp 203-250
>Unit Title Pages (2 pages, no numbers)
>Unit 5 - Chapter 1 pp. 253-275
>Sure, we can set Unit 5 - Chapter 1 to begin on a certain page, but we're
>just trying to figure out if we can get Frame to ignore the Unit Title Pages
>as pages. Our other option is to simply insert the pages by hand at the
>printer, which isn't too cool when we send the printer a PDF!!
>Is this possible?
1. Create all of the Unit Title Pages in a single FM file that's not
included in the book file.
2. Print each such Unit Title Page to a separately named postscript file,
and distill it.
3. Generate the PDF for the book.
4. In Acrobat Exchange, use Document > Insert Pages to insert each Unit
Title Page PDF file at the appropriate position. 
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