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Re: PPD file not offered when installing AdobePS 5.0 driver

At 1/12/99 11:29 PM , you wrote:
>Hi everyone!
>I am on the verge of generating PostScript. Following the advice given on
>this mailing list, I asked for, and received, this PPD file from my printing
>bureau. But when the AdobePS 5.0 printer setup dialog prompts me for the PPD
>file, it is not listed in the scroll box, although I am sure it is in the
>specified directory. Other PPD files I downloaded from the Adobe site are
>listed, but not the one from my printer. Any ideas why? The file extension
>is correct (.ppd), and there is no other detectable difference from the
>other ppd files. Any ideas why this doesn't percolate?
>My system is Windows NT. 

If the PPD if for a "level 1" PostScript printer (i.e., pre-level 2),
such as an old Linotronic imagesetter, both the AdobePS 5.x (for Windows NT 4)
and the AdobePS 4.2.x drivers (for Windows'9x) will ignore the PPD file.
These drivers only support Adobe PostScript Level 2 and Adobe PostScript 3

	- Dov

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