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Re: Imported Graphics/Sending files to printer

Sorry--I had a little accident with the "send" button, and didn't
finish what I was saying:

Jeanette Feldhousen wrote:
> Adam Korman wrote:
> >
> > Q: What's the best way to deal with imported graphics when sending files to
> > an outside printer?
> > Mac (Windows soon?) / Frame 5.1.1 (5.5.6 soon?)
> When I've dealt with sending electronic files to printers in the past,
> they've
> always preferred getting
...they've always preferred getting postscript or pdf files to 
getting FrameMaker source files for documents. If you give them the
FrameMaker source, you not only have to worry about embedded graphics,
but about fonts--if they don't have the same fonts installed, those
pages will look different. Why can't you just give them the pdf and tell
them which pages to print?

Jeanette Feldhousen, Mentor Graphics Corporation

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Death./No one hears your screams.  (Peter Rothman)

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