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Query: DataBase Publishing on MAC

I looking for information about publishing options for FrameMaker on 
the Mac platform to pull info from a database.

The database does not yet exist, so perhaps what I really need to find
out is what MAC database packages/tools work with FM and about any other
applications (e.g., third party interface tools) might be needed.

This could apply to both simple FM and FM+SGML uses, so I'll appreciate
hearing from anyone with experience in either scenario.

Please reply directly to:


regardless of what the mail headers may indicate, and I will summarize
in a week or so to the list(s).

I apologize for those receiving this message twice, but it is being
cross-posted to both the framers@omsys.com and FrameUser@Frameusers.com
groups in order to attract as wide a reponse as possible.

Thanks in advance,

-- Lester
  Lester C. Smalley                    | email:   lsmalley@infocon.com
  Manager, Computer Systems & Training | USMail:  P. O. Box 310
  Information Consultants, Inc.        | Phone:   (302) 239-2942 ext-13
  Hockessin, DE 19707-0310             | FAX:     (302) 239-1712
 INFOCON is a Premium VAR for Adobe, Sun, and related hardware/software
  dedicated to providing integrated office solutions for productivity.

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